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Both Auckland and Wellington stores are open
Both Auckland and Wellington stores are open

Kyosho 33155 1/8 USA-1 Nitro Monster Truck Readyset w/KT-231P+ and .25 Engine

by Kyosho
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Kyosho 33155 1/8 USA-1 Nitro Monster Truck Readyset w/KT-231P+ and .25 Engine

- Pre-assembled chassis with pre-set control linkages
- Pre-cut and painted body complete with decals applied
- 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
- L shaped hex wrench (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm)
- Cross wrench (large)
- 17mm wheel wrench

- AA-size batteries x 4 for transmitter
- AA-size batteries x 4 for receiver
- Glow fuel for models
- Fuel bottle
- Plug heater

The original Kyosho Nitro USA-1 set the standard for RC Monster Truck power and performance when it was released in 1990. 30 years later, the torch has passed to the newest Nitro USA-1, which outperforms the original in EVERY respect. Yes, it's that much better… and we even build it for you.

Built on a pickup truck chassis, large diameter tires and big engines with massive horsepower were installed by fun-loving American off-roaders to create the monster truck. These ever-popular monster trucks can be seen on specially-made racing circuits or jumping rows of cars in stadiums across the USA. Many RC monster truck models have been produced over the years. First among equals is the legendary 1/8 scale USA-1 that embodied the might of American trucking power during the 1980’s and 90’s. Officially licensed by Kyosho in the 1990’s, the RC model uniquely captured the power and glory of the USA-1. Now it’s ‘comeback-time’ for the USA-1, with modern chassis and drivetrain technology, upgrades unique to the USA-1 throughout, and a newly-designed ‘ULTRA SCALE BODY’ with form and detail finished to display-model standards. The iconic American flag graphic emblazoned on the body makes your heart swell with pride! The chassis features shaft-driven 4WD and 5-link suspension based on the Mad Crusher 2.0 and FO-XX models. Most of the suspension components have been uniquely upgraded and reinforced for the USA-1 at each point to handle the powerful new KE25SP2 engine, and the rigors of monster trucking. A 3-speed automatic transmission produces dynamic acceleration, which is enhanced by a true suspension system to produce "scale" running characteristics worthy of the prestigious USA-1, and make you feel like a monster truck driving god. Released as a pre-assembled Readyset, the USA-1 is almost ready for action straight out of the box.

- Pre-assembled chassis with RC system installed and finished body. Includes pistol-grip Synchro KT-231P+ transmitter.
- 5-link suspension in combination with shaft-type 4WD delivers exceptional stability over rough roads.
- Equipped with waterproof KS5031-09MW servos that incorporates durable metal gears.
- Ultra-realistic scale body has been recreated under license of USA-1, including the signature color scheme.
- Optional LED light set shines bright with LED head and tail lamps and rooftop fog lamps.
- Equipped with a new KE25SP2 engine with easy needle setting. Also includes break-in ring to get the engine safely prepared for harder running.
- Gleaming polished tuned muffler is equipped as standard.
- Front center drive features a telescopic universal shaft to ensure high drive efficiency and prevent shaft dropout issues.
- Optional 4WS (four wheel steering) increases turning power. A wide range of other options are also available.
- 8 x AA batteries for transmitter & receiver, fuel, fuel pump and plug heater are required for operation.
- Electric version using the same body and chassis components is also available.

Length: 567mm
Width: 455mm
Height: 297mm
Weight: 4,990g
Wheelbase: 360mm
Tread: Front 339mm, rear 343mm
Tires (F+R): Dia. 164x104mm
Gear Ratio: 25.7/19.8/15.6:1
Engine: KE25SP2 with recoil starter