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Both Auckland and Wellington stores are open
Both Auckland and Wellington stores are open

Hyperion G8 Batteries - The latest in lipo battery technology

We have just landed a shipment of the Hyperion G8 batteries. These batteries incorporate the latest in lipo technology but don't take my word for it, here is what Hyperion have to say about them on their website:

Hyperion G8 Silicon-Graphene infused Dual-Voltage LiPo batteries are the latest LiPo technology. These batteries come crammed in a tiny, lightweight, and resiliently high-performing power package. 

Our Hyperion G8 proprietary Dual-voltage Lipo cells operate at both 4.2V and 4.35V. The G8 offer more mAh capacity when compared to any other standard LiPo of the same size and weight. The G8 have up to 15% or more energy-density capacity when compared to standard LiPos of other brands. Our G8 LiPo packs are the smallest, lightest, and most reliable LiPo battery cell available today. 

Hyperion, the leader in quality Lithium batteries for more than two decades has been perfecting "Wide" Voltage 4.2V/4.35V operating batteries for more than the past five years. The G8 Dual-Voltage battery dishes out more than 90+% mAh capacity retention @300~500+ cycles. The batteries of the Future are here today. 

Our own unique Hyperion G8 blend uses cutting-edge Graphene substrate combined with a pure Silicon metalloid produces a tough Anode that stands up to rough abuse. Hyperion's proprietary Si-Graphene additive is known to be less prone to puffing when compared to non-Si-Graphene batteries. 

This new 2020 Hyperion G8 Chemistry unleashes a new-era of performance for all electrically powered applications, such as Quad Racing, 3D Aerobatics, EDF Jets, RC Cars, and all other high-performance DIY and Industrial applications. 

We stand by our products, performance, and reliability which is why Hyperion offers a 1-year warranty on all Hyperion G8 Batteries. Hyperion G8 batteries might not be the cheapest solution, but you will not find such a high-quality battery with equally remarkable support. 

Hyperion G8 are rated "Impeccable" by independent lab testing. 


  • Proprietary Si-Graphene formula increases discharge, capacity, and cycle-life
  • 15%+ More Capacity than standard LiPo Batteries
  • Wide V Operating Range: Dual-Voltage 4.35V & 4.2V capable
  • Removable JST-XH Balancer Connector
  • Stable High-voltage formula, less prone to puffing
  • More stable, cooler running batteries
  • High discharge rate, high ability to remain constant voltage under-load
  • Fast charging up to 5C~6C rate
  • Compatible with both 4.2V and 4.35V chargers
  • Capable of 500+ Cycle-life

 That sounds like some very impressive batteries. If you would to view the range and purchase them click here

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