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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $100

Traxxas 5375R - Tires & Wheels Assembled Glued (White Dished 3.8" Whe

by Traxxas
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Traxxas 5375R - Tires & Wheels, Assembled, Glued (White Dished 3.8" Whe

Brand: Traxxas

Part Number: 5375R

Response Pro tires are the ultimate in off-road racing performance. A taller profile increases side bite and offers better bump handling, while the ultra-soft compound sticks to the track surface. The outside row of spikes are contoured to provide just the right amount of side bite for smooth, predictable turn-in. Response Pro racing tires come pre-mounted and glued to 3.8" dish wheels with race-tuned foam inserts. Wheels require 17 mm wheels hubs and huts.

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