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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $100

Italeri 3965 1/24 SCANIA 770 S V8 WHITE CAB

by Italeri
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Italeri 3965 1/24 SCANIA 770 S V8 WHITE CAB


Scania S series a key player in the industrial and heavy commercial vehicles market has been designed to meet long-range logistics and transportation needs. The new S series was introduced by the famous Scandinavian manufacturer to the market in 2016, and included new innovative design solutions. Key design features were incorporated to optimize the use of the space inside the cabin to enhance driver comfort, and greater attention was afforded to more modern ‘active and passive’ safety systems to aid driver control and overall vehicle management. The attractive and contemporary new design also reflected the modern aerodynamics of the vehicle and its reduced fuel consumption targets. The Scania S770 4x2 with compact cab and the ”Highline” version with the oversized cab, are the industry ‘road tractors’ produced by the famous Scandanavian manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles, with both versions offering excellent options for differing professional and operational requirements.

Suggested colors

MF Aluminium 4677AP | F.S. 37178

G Black 4695AP | F.S. 17038

F Black 4768AP | F.S. 37038

F Dark Gray 4754AP | F.S. 36173

F Gull Gray 4763AP | F.S. 36622

MF Gun Metal 4681AP | F.S. 37200

F Medium Blue 4307AP | F.S. 35095

F Medium Gray 4746AP | F.S. 36270

G Orange 4682AP | F.S. 12197

G Red 4605AP | F.S. 11302

MG Silver 4678AP | F.S. 17178

MF Steel 4679AP | F.S. 37178

G White 4696AP | F.S. 17875

F White 4769AP | F.S. 37875