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Hornby R60208 BR TTA Tanker Wagon Esso 56046 - Era 8

by Hornby
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Hornby R60208 BR TTA Tanker Wagon Esso 56046 - Era 8

The TTA tanker is one of the most numerous types of tanker wagon ever seen on British railways. While far from the first or last such wagon to be used the standardised nature and relative simplicity of the mechanisms in the tank and chassis led to thousands being built during the 1960s and 70s.

Mainly for the use of petrochemical products the TTA tanker would see use in heavy block trains around the country, hauled by some of the most notable diesel freight engines to have served with BR. Withdrawal for the wagons would begin in the early 2000s when larger bogie tank engines would take over their role, with most examples of the wagon scrapped other than a handful preserved for posterity.

The Hornby TTA tanker is a newly tooled for 2023, the first time this has been retooled since 1973. With a phenomenal amount of detail on what can sometimes be seen as a rather plain wagon these are a must for any late twentieth century modeller.