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GemFan produces some of the finest props for RC use, and the new Scimitar Style Beechwood Series props offers a wide selection of sizes that are specifically for use with Nitro, Gas and Electric applications. Beechwood grain constitute a unique natural pattern and has good strength properties and high abrasion resistance. GemFan wood props undergo a strict fumigation and degreasing process to control grain structure and weight followed by thirty exquisite controlled processes that include multiple sanding and polishing all done by hand to ensure smooth and fine details. Compare to Carbon, beechwood props are cheaper in price, excellent in performance and have a natural grain surface. Light in weight but stiffer than nylon, Beechwood Props deliver more power and performance for the price of any other prop. The added advantage of light weight beechwood, means less mass to move, and because they won't bend or flex at high rpm leaving more power to create thrust. In fact, you can use them on electric motors too. The blades on these props feature an elliptical leading edge shape that produces a more uniform thrust distribution across the entire blade surface for maximum lift and thrust efficiency all the way out to the swept tip.?

Gemfam Props come in natural grain wooden gloss finish that tends to be more beautiful with extent of time. The Gemfan wooden props have a 6mm diameter center hole, but can be reamed to the choice of your adaptor size.?


  • Elliptical shaped leading edge design, for high performance
  • Processed from One piece Lightweight beechwood
  • Fumigated and degreased to control grain and weight
  • Can be used on electric motors too
  • Improved performance on glow/Gas engines
  • Beautiful Natural wooden gloss finish
  • Factory balanced, ready to use