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by Gaui
SKU GAU217002
Succinctly & stylishly designed FBL main rotor head and swash plate which produces quicker response and superior control precision. I-shape structure and narrow designed CF main frame results in a high rigidity for 3D manoeuvres. Equipped with high efficiency heavy-duty torque tube driven tail, which brings excellent performance either in high or low head speed. High modulus drive gears/bevel gears can also be compatible for upgrading to 800 class.  Highest spec CNC 6065 & 7075 aluminium parts, with highest load tolerance and precision for superior 3D performance.  Stylish painted FRP canopy. Specifications:Length: 1340mmHeight: 370mmMain rotor diameter: 1610mmTail rotor diameter: 290mmMotor drive gear: 10T (˜ 6mm)Main drive gear: 100TDrive gear ratio: 1:10:4.71Weight (kit): 2300g  Powered by: (v) Battery: type (LiPo) qty. (2) 6S*2, 4000~5000mAh.Delivery content: CF main frame/integrated CNC Servo/motor mounts FRP canopy Scorpion/ GAUI GM-350S, 500 kV Blushless motor * 1pc FUNKEY 690mm main blades FUNKEY 105mm tail blades X7 Standard Canopy Protective Cover Optional Accessory: Standard size CCPM servos * 3pcs ( >15kg torque)Standard size tail servo * 1pc 3-Axis Gyro*1 12S 120~160A ESC*1