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Savox SH-0253 Micro Digital Servo 13.6g / 2.2kg-cm

by Savox
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Savox SH-0253 Micro Digital Servo 13.6g, 2.2kg-cm, 0.09sec/60deg (6V)

The Savox SH-0253 micro, digital servo has a nice balance of torque and speed in addition to using a combination of industrial plastic and metal gears for added durabilty and smoothness.

- Aluminium middle case allows for cooler operating temperatures
- Industrial plastic and metal gear train ensures durability and longevity
- Ideal for small planes, and 450 size helicopters

Torque @4.8V: 1.8kg/25.0oz-in
Torque @6V:  2.2kg/30.6oz-in
Speed @4.8V: 0.13sec/60deg
Speed @6V: 0.09sec/60deg
Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 22.8 x 12.0 x 25.4
Weight: 13.6g

Operating Temperature: 14 - 122 F (-10 - 50 C)
Running Current (no load): 150mA @4.8V, 180mA @6.0V
Stall Current (at locked): 1000mA @4.8V, 1200mA @6.0V
Idle Current: 5mA @4.8V, 5mA @6.0V
Wire Length: ~250mm
Output Gear Spline: 21 Tooth
Bearings: 1BB
Operating Travel: 90deg (1000 - 2000us)
Neutral Position: 1500us
Pulse Width Range: 700 - 2300us
Maximum Travel: Appx 150deg (700 - 2300us)
Refresh Rate: 240Hz
Motor Type: Brushed

SGSH0253 - Servo Gear Set with Bearings, for SH0253
CSH0253 - Top and Bottom Servo Case with Screws, for SH0253