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Both Auckland and Wellington stores are open
Both Auckland and Wellington stores are open
The start of Tamiya Mini 4WD Racing here at Hobby City

The start of Tamiya Mini 4WD Racing here at Hobby City

Here at Hobby City we have decided to set up a Tamiya mini 4wd tack and do some racing for the staff and for the customers and hopefully it will evolve into having organized race meetings.

The Track

We have chosen to start with the Tamiya Japan Cup Junior Circuit - 94892. It is a simple oval three lane track. We have also added the slope section - 69570

At this stage it is set up on the floor in the entrance way to the shop but we have a bigger and better space in mind for when we start to add to the track. As the interest grows so will our track.

Stocking Up

We do have two smaller tracks in stock at the moment for those that would like their own private track at home. We will also be placing an order for lot's more cars this week and also for the upgrade options.



And all the cars are listed here


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As we venture down this path we will be documenting of progress on this blog, so check back regularly to see how we are doing. 



John Parkin - July 12, 2018

We have a small 2 lane track set up in the store and a large 3 lane track in our upstairs office area that you are welcome to use. We have not had any race meetings yet.

Shane Cleland - July 12, 2018

Hi, do you still have the tamiya mini 4wd race meetings me and a few fellas are interested

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